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Inter Campus Championship

The competition on our campus starts right from the beginning. It can be academic, cultural events, or sports. We always strive to see ourselves at the top in the first place. Surpassing others and being ahead of ourselves brings an unparalleled sense of joy in victory. And to take this competition a step further, the Mobile Legends presents the Inter-College Championship. Officially, this tournament is going to be held with a massive prize in Bangladesh. Previously, the tournament was limited to universities, but this time colleges are also joining forces with universities?

Who can participate ?

Any student from any college or university in Bangladesh can participate in this tournament. To register, you will need to provide certain documents as proof. However, you must have at least one team from your university or college. If you’re no longer a student at your previous institution, you can still join by submitting some documents from your previous institution.


The prize pool for the previous Inter-Varsity Championship was 150,000 diamonds, and it has now grown to 150,000 diamonds for this tournament. But that’s not all; there’s the possibility of winning even more diamonds. Additionally, there are various contest events, quiz competitions, blog contests, and live giveaways to participate in.

The champion of the Inter Campus Championship was won by a squad from North South University, get arning them 48,000 diamonds. Additionally, the second place was secured by another squad from North South University, which received 30,000 diamonds. And the third place was claimed by ADAMJI CANTONMENT COLEGE, Which recieived ening them 18,000 diamonds.


In the 21st century, eSports has made a significant mark in the world of sports, gaining daily popularity. To keep up with the times, we need to advance in this sector as well. Mobile Legends is making this path easier by launching various tournaments, including the ICC. ICC will elevate Bangladesh’s eSports sector to another level, which we eagerly anticipate. Alongside, it will add vibrancy to our academic life by removing monotony.