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MLBB Divas Rumble

“In recent years, we have witnessed a fundamental change in gaming tournaments. Especially towards the end of the 20th century, gaming tournaments have evolved into a popular event. The main goal of a certain field is to strive for gender equality, with efforts to bring women forward on an equal footing with men. To excel in anything, women must also be given equal opportunities. However, due to various barriers, women are not able to contribute as much to the tournaments. Overcoming these obstacles can empower women to make an exceptional contribution to gaming tournaments. This gaming tournament will encourage women to perform better, participate in tournaments with courage, and inspire others. And rising to this challenge, Mobile Legends brings MLBB Divas Rumble.”


There will be a total of 24 slots available. To register, all members of your team must be from the same educational institution. Even if you are a former student of that institution, you can still register as long as it’s the same institution. To register, follow the Mobile Legends official Bangladesh page and look for their registration post.

Prize pool

The tournament offers a prize of 40,000 Diamonds. Additionally, there are more contests, live giveaways, and quizzes to participate in.

The champion of MLBB Divas Rumble was MLT ODTH, and they received 15,000 diamonds. VENOM SYNERGIC BIRD secured second place and won 12,000 diamonds, while UNMAD VANQUISH claimed third place with 8,000 diamonds.


Absolutely, it’s crucial to provide equal opportunities and support for women in all fields. The MLBB Divas Rumble tournament is a special initiative aimed at removing barriers and obstacles for women, allowing them to excel in the gaming world. This tournament has the potential to elevate the status of women in the gaming community in Bangladesh and create a significant impact.