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MLBB has been officially approved in China, After 7 years.

MLBB has been officially approved in China… after 7 years.
Expect a global shift towards MLBB scene the coming months/years. A small community / esports orgs in China is already comparable with a big community in EU/NA.
I would not be surprised if we’ll see some PH players/coaches as import in China to start its scene.

And we’ll probably see China in M5?
And if China will be part of the M* series, expect a huge boost in the prize pool.
Trivia: for years, MLBB have been behind in terms of domestic and international/Worlds prize pool compare to its competitions (mobile MOBA) such as AoV, WR and HOK which are prominent in the China.
Another thing is ByteDance (owner of Tiktok and MLBB) also owned Douyin, a popular streaming Platform in Chinese. Hence the marketing of MLBB in China won’t be that hard.