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Inter Campus Championship

Total Prizepool
1500000 Diamonds
None BDT
1st prize


2nd prize


1rd prize


Inter Campus Championship

Our competitive struggle starts from school. Be it studies or cultural events or sports. We always want to see ourselves in the first stage. Leaving others behind, moving forward yourself, seeing yourself in the seat of victory gives an unearthly happiness. And to take this competition one step further, Mobile Legends brought Inter College Championship. Officially this is the first LAN tournament with a huge prize going to be held in Bangladesh. Earlier the tournament was limited to varsity only, but now the college is also going to join the varsity.

Prize pool
While the prize pool was limited to 150,000 diamonds in the previous Inter Varsity Championship, it has increased to 150,000 in this tournament. This is not the end, more diamonds can be added. Besides, there are various contest events, quiz competitions, blog contests and live giveaways.
Date and Time
This tournament is going to start from 15 June And it will be live from round of 32 on MLBB Facebook page and Youtube channel. So keep your mobile charged and keep your mind ready to enjoy a thrilling moment. And get ready for your country’s best team to snatch victory.
Esports has occupied a huge place in sports in the 21st century. It is gaining popularity in today's world. To keep pace with the times, we also need to advance this sector. And Mobile Legends is making this way easier by launching various tournaments. ICC is a part of that. We are hopeful that ICC will take the eSports sector in Bangladesh to a higher level. It will remove the monotony of our studies and make the student life colorful.