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Risers’ MLBB Championship

April 5, 2024
Total Prizepool
70,000 Diamonds
10,000 BDT
1st prize

Diamond 160000 + 4000 BDT

2nd prize

Diamond 9000 + 4000 BDT

1rd prize

3rd Diamond 7000 + 2000 BDT

Risers’ MLBB Championship

6 players (including the team leader) can join the event as a team. Only registered players will be able to play in the tournament. All the matches will be played in Custom Draft Pick.Teams are requested to enter the lobby 10 minutes before the scheduled time.The team leader/co-leader must follow the match referee in game, before the scheduled time. Each team will get a maximum of 2 minutes pause once in every match in case of any assistance is required (i.e. connection issue) The management panel may ask for the device login history anytime from any player and the player must compulsorily submit his device login history.Any kind of game or UI modification, scripts and hacking tools are prohibited. If any player is detected of using such unfair means, they along with the team will be disqualified and necessary steps will be taken.If any of the rules is broken, not followed or misused by any team, then they might be disqualified.The organizers hold the rights to change any rules & regulations or add new ones if necessary.About The Server, Device And Verification Process:

-All games will be played on servers in the target region of the match.
Players need to use the latest version of MLBB.
New heroes will be banned from selecting during the entire tournament.
Device login history may be checked anytime and the players need to submit his/her device login history under referees’ request.
Players need to login to Discord and open VC before the game starts.
Players Must Need Discord Video Call Verification.
Players must be required to provide their clear photographs.
No chatting is allowed during the game. You can only use chat to request a time-out from the referee.
The tournament will be an online tournament. There will be no rescheduling matches throughout the tournament.

Prize pool
In the Galactic Challenge: Space Explorer Tournament, participants have the chance to win incredible prizes from our prestigious prize pool. The grand prize winner will receive 10,000 Diamonds along with a VIP Trip to Mars for an unforgettable interplanetary adventure. Second place earns 5,000 Diamonds and a state-of-the-art telescope to explore the cosmos from home. Third place takes home 2,500 Diamonds plus an exclusive Space Art Collection to appreciate the beauty of the univers
Date and Time
Mark your calendars for the Galactic Challenge: Space Explorer Tournament happening from June 15th to 20th, 2024! Witness the thrill of space exploration as participants compete for prestigious prizes amidst the stars.
In conclusion, the Galactic Challenge: Space Explorer Tournament promises to be an exhilarating event filled with cosmic excitement and stellar competition. Save the date from June 15th to 20th, 2024, and either join us in person at the Stellar Arena orbiting Saturn or tune in to the live stream on [tournamentwebsite.com] to witness the action from afar.